Host Families

WCSL players live with host families during the nine-week season.  This is one of the highlights for the players and it is a wonderfully rewarding experience for the families.

Host families ideally will be interested in the WCSL’s three teams and the student-athletes.  They’ll be dedicated to making the players’ experience in Portland memorable and positive.  Host families make these players feel part of their family and part of the community.

WCSL players will arrive in the middle of June when the season begins and will leave in the middle of August when the season ends.

It is expected that the young women playing in the WCSL will be responsible and behave as honored guests.  Should there be issues, they should be brought to the attention of WCSL officials.  Players failing to follow rules you have in your home and generally behaving in a less than reasonable manner will be asked to give up their position in the WCSL.

Host families will have access to game tickets, as each player receives 56 Premium Reserved seating area tickets (2 tickets x 28 games).  There’ll be a host family VIP Party during the season in the Michelob Ultra Party Zone.  And, host families will receive a 10% discount on WCSL Authentic Game Wear.

Your player needs a private room for sleeping and access to a bathroom.  Players do their own laundry and prepare their own food.  Thus, your player needs access to a washer and a dryer, along with kitchen access, including space in a refrigerator and the ability to cook and eat meals.

The closer your home is to Erv Lind Stadium the better.  Some players will have transportation and they’ll be encouraged to car pool to the stadium.  Getting to and from the stadium can be challenging, and while you are not required to provide transportation for your player, feel free to offer if it is possible and you are willing.

Host family applications will be available in January, 2023 for the 2023 season.